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a soft yellowish-white trivalent metallic element of the rare earth group

a self-governing commonwealth associated with the United States occupying the island of Puerto Rico

a promotion intended to create goodwill for a person or institution

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In around eight weeks, he said, they also ate their way through 700 25kg bags of potatoes, with Chief Petty Officer Pring adding: "But I also had baking potatoes on top of that.
Pring pleaded guilty to theft at Cardiff Magistrates' Court and was fined PS120 and ordered to pay compensation of PS280.
Total quantity or scope: Delivery of a Hilfeleistungs-Lschgruppenfahrzeug HLF 20 according to DIN EN 1846, DIN 14502 Part 1-3 and DIN 14530 Part 27 for the fire brigade Pring.
Estrada warned as he lounged at Pring with the latter's knife that investigators also brought to the scene.
I can shake two people's hands at once," Pring said.
The inquest heard that on the night Mr Pring died, six ambulances were nearby but were queuing to drop patients off at Wrexham Maelor Hospital, North Wales.
Pring is Pakistan's largest social network with more than 4,500,000 users.
Barry Pring, 47, was celebrating his first wedding anniversary with his internet bride when he was killed by a speeding car in 2008.
ISLAMABAD, January 11, 2012 (Frontier Star): Online International News Network (OINN) and e-Business parent company of the web and mobile synchronization portal named Pring have joined hands for free of cost news flow to ordinary cell-phone users.
Those who are familiar with the scholarship of Richard Pring will not be disappointed with the accounts he provides of his figurative meetings with John Dewey.
In reaction to SLAPP lawsuits that often scared defendants into silence, professors George Pring and Penelope Canan developed a procedural mechanism to dismiss frivolous SLAPP claims in a way that would not cause any excessive cost to the victimized defendant.
According to George Pring, law professor at the University of Denver's Environmental Law Clinic, China established its courts due to citizens' mounting opposition to air and water pollution.
he deceased, 73-year-old Denis Pring, had been living with a city council tenant Alan Derrick, who has learning difficulties.
The principals included Sheila Pring, Jennifer Crane, Helen Bray, Pamela Barret, Susan Shaw, Glyn Hopkinson, Susan Wimpenny, Trevor Kaye, Marjorie Heeley, Valda Turner, Maureen Pring, Trevor Theaker, Peter Bray, Peter Dickinson and Stuart Brooksbank.
Buzz aside, though, Pring says that "PaaS is a small marketplace at the moment, [and] not generating any revenue for [Salesforce.