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the constitution written at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787 and subsequently ratified by the original thirteen states

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Political Fiq, Fundamental Law & Principles of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran.
We therefore should reach a consensus solution in order to agree upon governing principles of the constitution.
We want to reiterate that it's not just laws but also the principles of the constitution that the government is trampling on," said Dario Franceschini, lower house leader of the largest opposition party, the Democrats of the Left.
The principles, objectives, programs and policies of political parties shouldn't contradict with the general principles of the constitution, according to the amendments.
In my view, President Obama is the most radical president ever to occupy the White House and he is a true believer in government, in government control of the economy in gov control of our every day lives and I think there is an incredible need for leadership in wash to stand up and defend free market principles and limited government and the principles of the constitution.
While Justice Rand never apparently used the term, the theory of underlying or "unwritten" principles of the constitution with which he is associated is that of "an implied Bill of Rights", said by many to find its justification in the Preamble to what is now the Constitution Act, 1867.
This is unfortunate, as Snitker is the only candidate who represents the principles of the Constitution as expressed in The Federalist Papers.
It is necessary for the Maoists to come to terms of the basic principles of the constitution," said the NC leader.
members to preserve the main principles of the constitution.
The first necessity would be a permanent one: Citizens should frequently recall "the fundamental principles of the constitution.
There was a possibility that SDF troops might have been dragged into fighting in Iraq, a situation that would violate one of the main principles of the Constitution, which bans the ''use of force as means of settling international disputes.
The seperation of powers, the principles of the constitution and the rule of law will have to be closely observed.
We need to reaffirm the importance of respecting the basic principles of the Constitution -- popular sovereignty, respect for fundamental human rights and pacifism -- on this anniversary,'' he noted.
A battle in the Senate that could have helped all America better understand the grave danger of displacing the founding principles of the Constitution by judicial reconstruction.
Director of the Legal Action Group, Alison Hannah, said: 'Over the last few years we have seen too much rushed legislation leading to bad laws, even where fundamental principles of the constitution and justice are affected.
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