supply-side economics

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the school of economic theory that stresses the costs of production as a means of stimulating the economy

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Here are some basic ways to keep priming the pumps of administrative approval, budgetary beneficence and community concern, so that adequate support for your programs and services will keep flowing in your direction:
government deregulation in the carrier space, will continue to confound companies struggling to understand and manage their telecommunications network expenditures, according to a new AberdeenGroup research report, "The Solution Selection Report: Total Telecom Cost Management - Priming the Pump to Expand Value.
The automotive industry is priming the pump for the arrival of low-sulfur diesel fuel in 2006.
Our results to date this year show the NJEDA continues to be capable of priming the pump that sends investment capital flowing into the New Jersey economy," said Caren S.
Priming the pumps SHOE shop Clarks has launched a range of black pumps for teenagers just in time for back to school.