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British statesman who became prime minister in 1997 (born in 1953)

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Here at NYU Abu Dhabi, you have a remarkable opportunity to be part of that future," said Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.
Abu Dhabi: Former British prime minister Tony Blair has urged students in the UAE to emerge as global leaders and work together to address the world's challenges.
Lord Cashman is comforted by former Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie
Kiir's last trip to London took place in October 2006 and met with former prime minister Tony Blair.
Cabinet Minister Hilary Armstrong will step down from the Government when Prime Minister Tony Blair resigns on June 27.
PRIME Minister Tony Blair has personally intervened to try to bring the killer of murdered teacher Lindsay Hawker to justice, the Telegraph can reveal.
Prime Minister Tony Blair was in Cardiff today delivering a lecture in honour of former Labour Premier James Callaghan.
IN 1998 PRIME Minister Tony Blair added the word ASBO to the British lexicon.
British Airways said on Wednesday poor markings at Miami Airport were to blame for a safety scare involving a jumbo jet carrying British Prime Minister Tony Blair.
PRIME Minister Tony Blair is set to stand down this year and we asked you what his legacy will be.
the chorus of silence from Prime Minister Tony Blair, David Cameron and Liberal Democrat leader Menzies Campbell over British Airways's refusal to allow an employee to wear a small silver cross to work.
British Prime Minister Tony Blair, commenting on the conviction of the deposed Iraqi dictator (CNN.
Prime Minister Tony Blair, right, visits British troops in Basra
ackee and saltfish, Afro-Caribbean, bangers and mash, curry houses, the Persian Gulf war, Prime Minister Tony Blair, Protestant, Oueen Elizabeth II, Ramadan, Shia Muslim, Sunni Muslim, the Vietnam War, World War II
The visit to London came at the invitation of Prime Minister Tony Blair, and marks the start of a month of travel for the mayor.
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