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the cortical area that receives information from the lateral geniculate body of the thalamus

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Damage localised to the primary visual cortex produces a strange phenomenon known as cortical blindsight, (11) a condition which leaves the patient 'consciously' blind.
In the visual system, afferent axons in layer IV of the primary visual cortex terminate in an alternating series of eye-specific zones (left or right eye) known as ocular dominance columns.
Neuronal asymmetries in primary visual cortex of dyslexic and nondyslexic brains.
The elements of vision we measured are determined by inputs from specific sets of thalamic neurons into the primary visual cortex.
In fact, the decoder did slightly better-although not significantly so-at predicting line drawings compared to photographs in the primary visual cortex.
Subjects include perceptual anisotropy in visual processing of naturalistic broadcast stimuli in the horizontal affect, large-scale and small-scale functional organization of visual field representations in humans, and integration model for complex visual analysis of the inferotemporal cortex, investigation of the activated human primary visual cortex, the role of corollary discharge signals in visual perception, potentials in the primary visual cortex, the neurophysiology of neocortical information processing, an exaction model using a coupled neural network, the effects of certain retinal diseases, and awareness of the sensory effects of the primary visual cortex.
Typically, we associate strokes with limb paralysis and impaired speech, but 20% of those who suffer from a stroke will end up with a visual defect called Hemianopia, a partial blindness caused by damage to part of the brain called the primary visual cortex.
Researchers have long regarded this brain area, the primary visual cortex, as relatively resistant to change.
One of them goes to the primary visual cortex at the back of the brain which gives conscious sight.
A simulation of the primary visual cortex successfully replicated experimental results showing "self-organization" of neuron-to-neuron connections.
The uniquely human feature discovered by Preuss's team involves neurons in the so-called magnocellular" (or M) pathway of the primary visual cortex, which is specialized for analyzing rapidly changing stimuli.
Extensive work has emphasized the role of feedforward thalamo-cortical projections in the formation of orientation tuned cells in the primary visual cortex.
The Stripe of Gennari - also known as the 'Stria of Gennari' - transverses the gray matter of the primary visual cortex as a distinct white line.