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a compound derived from ammonia by replacing hydrogen atoms by univalent hydrocarbon radicals

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3] is expected as primary amine in chitosan will protonate to form chitosonium acetate ([NH.
Of note, semicarbazide used for reference blockade in our assays is no more the best SSAO inhibitor available to date; SSAO has even been renamed primary amine oxidase to signify that it is better defined by its substrates (endogenous or exogenous) rather than by its inhibitor(s) [46].
It is also a primary amine that is excreted unchanged in the urine.
The reaction of 2a with other primary amines and formaldehyde behaved in a similar manner and octahydroquinazolines 3b-e were isolated in 57-84% yields (scheme 1).
IU), Bloomington, have developed new, highly sensitive fluorogenic reagents for primary amines that induce amine-reaction-product fluorescence while not exhibiting fluorescence themselves.
In General information section the following data are displayed: name, CAS #, IUPAC name, Common name, Common synonyms, Acronym, Empirical formula, Molecular weight, Chemical class, Mixture, Alkyl distribution, Primary amine concentration, Product contents, Free acid, Amine number, Moisture content, Silicone content, and Solids content
NMR analysis revealed that the maleate rapidly isomerized to the fumarate in the presence of a primary amine acting as a catalyst for the rearrangement (Fig.
Lord Corporation has received a patent for an ambient temperature curable coating composition in a mixture of two-parts providing a nonvolatiles content of from 4-25% by weight, and comprised of a part A which is comprised of an organic solvent and fluoroelastomer dissolved therein, the fluoroelastomer containing crosslinkable sites in quantitative amount according to an acid number of from 2-6 mg base per gram, and a part B comprised of an organosilane comprising hydrolyzable groups and a mono primary amine, wherein the ratio of amine equivalents in part B to acid equivalents in part the A ranges from 3:1 to 12:1 and wherein a cured unsupported film from the coating exhibits at least 200% elongation.
has developed N-(N-BOC-aminopropyl), a non-ionic methacrylamide monomer that is reportedly the first commercially available, solvent-soluble blocked primary amine monomer.
Texaco patented a novel class of asymmetric urea derivatives of either hydrocarboxyloxypolyether amine alone, or a hydroxyloxypolyether amine and a tertiary aminoalkyl primary amine [19].
Many coadministered medications either do not have a primary amine site or structurally inhibit binding of the chromophore at the site.
The role of the primary amine on the pendant sugar moiety for enantiorecognition is unknown.
Poly-A(tm) 27-2000 polyoxypropylenediamine, is a difunctional primary amine used by the urethane industry in spray elastomer applications.
In this article, to investigate a redox initiation system consisting of oil-soluble components, ATP was firstly modified to bear primary amine groups, and then a Schiff Base reaction was employed to anchor aromatic tertiary amine groups on the surface of ATP.
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