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a compound derived from ammonia by replacing hydrogen atoms by univalent hydrocarbon radicals

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Ninhydrin reacts with primary amines, including most amino acids, and some secondary amines.
Table 5: Pseudo-first-order competitive rate data for primary and corresponding secondary amines (19) Primary amine [k.
Aromatic tertiary amine groups functionalized ATP (ATPATA) was prepared by Schiff Base reaction of a primary amine and aldehyde groups.
The epoxy, primary amine, and secondary amine concentrations were calculated using the integrated area under each respective peak using Lambert-Beer's law while the total amine H concentration was calculated by adding the primary amine H and secondary amine H concentrations from each spectrum.
We took DGEBA, IGC, and BGC and evaluated model reactions with dimethyl aniline (DMA), N-methyl aniline (NMA), and aniline (A)--a tertiary, secondary, and primary amine, respectively.
The reaction of the primary amine with the acrylate groups proceeds via Michael addition under moderate conditions (60-100[degrees]C).
2 nm and introduces active glycidyl groups, which can react directly with both protein primary amine and sulfhydryl groups.
Although containing a secondary amine, accelerators such as DCBS have been considered as a safe accelerator and can be used accordingly to give longer scorch safety, slower cure rates, and lower modulus development than the primary amine based sulfenamides in natural rubber compounds.
Poly-A(TM) 27-2000 polyoxypropylenediamine, is a di-functional primary amine used by the urethane industry in spray elastomer applications.
In general, a combination of an epoxy resin and a primary amine leads to two principal reactions of (a) the addition reaction of a primary amine hydrogen to an epoxy group to form a secondary amine and (b) the addition reaction of an amine hydrogen in the secondary amine to another epoxy group to create a tertiary amine [21, 22],
Jeff amine polyetheramines consist of a family of di-or tri- amine products having repeating polyether back structures such as oxypropylene units, which are functional]y terminated with primary amine groups positioned on secondary carbon atoms.
Nitrosamines from vulcanizing agents can be controlled or eliminated by using only primary amine based accelerators or accelerators which form stable fragments during cure.
Rheological and model compound studies of the BUR + primary amine system have provided insight into these high-temperature N-alkylations, the details of which are summarized in Scheme 1 (4).
It is comprised of reducing the average particle size of the pigment in a solvent and introducing at least one surfactant or polymer comprising at least one group and having at least one primary amine, a nitrite and an acid in sufficient amounts together, or in any combination, to generate a diazonium salt comprising at least one group, wherein at least one portion of the surfactant or polymer absorbs onto at least a portion of the pigment.
Sanctocure[R] TBSI is a newly commercialized accelerator from the Akron Research Center that acts like a secondary amine-derived product but is produced from a primary amine, avoiding the generation of stable nitrosamines.
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