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as it seems at first sight

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Initial analysis indicated that the top 15 complaints (out of 174 received) accounted for about 55% of total prima facie claims value, as of April 28, 2015.
As noted, Ross's particularist methodology claims to resolve such conflict by identifying the absolute obligation--an obligation already embedded in the situation if not as yet clearly discerned--by sifting through the list of prima facie duties as a preliminary to identifying which should take precedence.
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7502(c) establishes that if "any return, claim, statement, or other document" is sent to the IRS by registered mail, the registration will serve as prima facie evidence of delivery.
The approach espoused by labour arbitrators, commonly referred to as the Campbell River approach (named after the British Columbia Court of Appeal decision in which it was first articulated1), requires that a term or condition of employment results in a serious interference with a substantial parental or other family duty or obligation in order that it be found to be prima facie discriminatory.
Therefore it appears rather compelling to consider the actions of Mr Bin Hammam constitute prima facie an act of bribery, or at least an attempt to commit bribery.
He has taken not only prima facie but extended beyond that, taking all the ingredients of the charge as something factual, accepting beyond reasonable doubt which means it is already a conviction,'' Anwar said.
ISLAMABAD: The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) on Tuesday conducted a hearing in the matter of the show cause notice issued to Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) on July 15, 2010 for taking decisions that, prima facie, violate Section 4(1) read with Section 4(2) (a) and (b) of the Competition Ordinance, 2010.
Accordingly, the moral presumption against war would be construed as one of the prima facie duties of nonmaleficence--namely, the prima facie duty not to resort to the destructiveness of war.
Surely this is a prima facie case for establishing an English parliament and for making all devolved parliaments responsible for all internal policies with a much reduced House of Commons responsible only for joint matters such as defence, immigration and macroeconomics?
The court went on to state that in pursuance of its prima facie burden of proof, the moving defendant is required to address the factual allegations set forth in the plaintiffs' bill of particulars with reference to the moving defendant's alleged acts of negligence and the injuries suffered with competent medical proof.
There must be additional restraints operative that establish a prima facie obligation upon citizens to refrain from appealing to privately held religious beliefs in the public forum in which the affairs of state are conducted.
California, the United States Supreme Court held that California's procedure for evaluating a defendant's objections to the prosecution's peremptory challenges placed too high of a burden for the defendant to establish a prima facie case of racial discrimination.
An important component of principles-based ethics is the concept of prima facie ethical values.
And they said the ruling set a worrying precedent under which UK executives could be extradited without the US presenting prima facie evidence - proof that there is a case to answer.