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floor below which prices are not allowed to fall

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Downs: I think investors are waiting for a price floor, and popular sentiment is that that will happen at the end of 2009 or in 2010.
The benefits, for those that pass muster, are not insignificant: a guaranteed price floor of $1.
The first question concerns whether price floors are serving their intended purpose--that of protecting the competitive process.
Supporters of large levels of production and exports wanted to stimulate the demand for exports by eliminating price floors.
Hammond may total up to 12,000 shares and 7,000 shares, respectively, plus any "roll-overs" from prior periods where shares were not sold because of minimum price floors.
The pair now finds itself at makeshift price floors of the 100-day SMA, but more firm support is seen at 3-month lows of 93.
If the costing standards are disparate, the efficient-firm cost standard for pricing UNEs and the firm's actual forward-looking costs for setting price floors, a paradox arises in which the incumbent firm can be underpriced (foreclosed) by a less efficient rival using the incumbent firm's own network.
Dempsey argues that removing government-imposed price floors cost airlines money, hurting investors, creditors, and workers.
Hammond may total up to 6,500 shares and 22,000 shares, respectively, plus any "roll-overs" from prior periods where shares were not sold because of minimum price floors.
For example, Baumol and Sidak advocate price floors defined by two incremental cost measures: the cost for the entire level of current output and the cost for the last small increment of output.
NASDAQ: CRAI), a worldwide leader in providing economic, financial, and management consulting services, today announced the central role played by its Vice President Thomas Overstreet in providing economic justification for the June 28, 2007 Supreme Court decision to overturn a 96-year-old ban on price floors.
1970 move, and further price floors don't come into place until likewise minor swing-lows at 1.
Carney are about 82,000 shares, 19,250 shares and 36,000 shares, respectively, plus any "roll-overs" from prior periods that were not sold because of minimum price floors.
The hedges generally utilize costless collars with price floors of approximately $3 per thousand cubic feet.
Hedges as of March 7, 2002: Volume Floor Volume Floor Ceiling Period Per Day Price Period Per Day Price Price Oil Price Floors (Bbls/d): Gas Price Collars (MMBtu/d): 2002 20,000 $2.