Priacanthus arenatus

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brightly colored carnivorous fish of western Atlantic and West Indies waters

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Distribucion, abundancia y reproduccion de Priacanthus arenatus Cuvier (Pisces: Priacanthidae), en la plataforma continental del sur del Golfo de Mexico.
Unidentified grouper Grammistidae, Soapfishes 44 Rypticus saponaceus Greater soapfish Priacanthidae, Bigeyes 45 Priacanthus arenatus Bigeye 46 N.
Unidentifed snapper 73 Lutjanus synagris Lane snapper 74 Lutjanus vivanus Silk snapper 75 Malacanthus plumieri Sand tilefish 76 Mulloidichthys martinicus Yellow goatfish 77 Mycteroperca bonaci Black grouper 78 Mycteroperca interstitialis Yellowmouth grouper 79 Mycteroperca microlepis Gag 80 Mycteroperca phenax Scamp 81 Mycteroperca venenosa Yellowfin grouper 82 Ocyurus chrysurus Yellowtail snapper 83 Panulirus argus Caribbean spiny lobster 84 Panulirus guttatus Spotted lobster 85 Pomacanthus arcuatus Gray angelfish 86 Priacanthus arenatus Bigeye 87 Prionotus spp.
paru, Pomadasys corvinaeformis, Porichthys plectrodon, Priacanthus arenatus, Prionotus ophryas, P.
Other less frequently occurring juveniles of important reef-associated species that were collected were Centropristis striata, Epinephelus niveatus, Pristigenys alta, Priacanthus arenatus, and Lutjanus analis.