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a former kingdom in north-central Europe including present-day northern Germany and northern Poland

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Other clubs: Burnley, Bury, Viktoria Koln, BFC Preussen, FC Erzgebirge Aue, Ipswich, Sheffield Weds, Walsall, Nottm Forest, Peterborough, Port Vale, Wrexham.
3) Herzog Albrecht von Preussen und Livland (1565-1570).
Ueber den Ursprung der alten Preussen und ubrigen lettischen Volker, Berlin.
Modelled on Preussen, the pride of Germany's Flying P line, which met an ignominious end on rocks after a collision near Dover in 1910, she maintains the traditions of a century ago while offering an ultracomfortable and relaxed atmosphere.
Schlenke, England und das friderizianische Preussen, 1740-1763 (Freiburg, 1963); M.
July 13: New signing Kenny Miller is booed by fans during a pre-season clash with German minnows Preussen Munster.
Three friendlies are planned in Germany - two against minnows SC Preussen Munster (Jul 13) and Sportfreunde Lotte (Jul 16).
The pounds 15,000 outdoor playground in Berlin's Preussen Park has special exercise machines for the elderly, plus traditional climbing frames and slides.
Marchal, "Le role de la representation symbolique dans les relations diplomatiques: Les envoyes de la Confederation Helvetique a Paris"; Georg Schmidt, "Hanse, Hanseaten und Reich in der fruhen Neuzeit"; Klaus Malettke, "Les villes hanseatiques, le Saint-Empire et la France aux XVIIe et XVIIIe siecles"; Dieter Heckmann, "Die Wirtschaftsbeziehungen zwischen den Herzogen in Preussen und Frankreich im 16.
After three years of sea duty between 1908 and 1911, during which he served as a gunnery officer in the battleships Preussen and Kaiser Barbarrosa and finally in the heavy cruiser Blucher, Wegener's evident staff skills resulted in his promotion and posting as a fleet staff officer.
When Friedrich Wilhelm I von Preussen succeeded the throne (reign 1713-1740), he signed a treaty with Holland in 1717 for the sale of the Prussian trading base in West Africa.
Miller and Ronald Preussen (Philadelphia: Temple Hall University Press, 1974), pp.
The knowledge comes from two years with Preussen Koln.