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glazed and salted cracker typically in the shape of a loose knot

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Available at select retailers nationwide, pretzel fans can enjoy Auntie Anne's prepare-at-home products, from frozen Classic and Cinnamon Sugar Soft Pretzels and Pretzel Nuggets, to frozen Pretzel Dogs and Pretzel Pocket Sandwiches, to a versatile Pretzel Baking Kit.
Let us take a look at 6 most interesting facts about Pretzels including its history and origin
It will face competition from own-label offerings and the brand Penn State, which claims to have been the first company to produce pretzels in the UK.
Hard pretzels have a moisture content of from 2% to 4% and have a very long shelf life.
A new Philly Pretzel Factory franchise has leased a 1,314 s/f pad site at 960 Amboy Avenue in Edison, N.
The pretzels are available in 10-ounce bags that retail for $2.
1 -- color) no caption (Kettle Foods' Bakes Pretzel Chips)
The Tanfield Lea-based company has worked out that since launching in April 1996, it has now made enough pretzels that if one person was to eat one every second it would take them 35 years to get through the pile.
With 14 different flavors and varieties, Kim & Scott's Gourmet Pretzels satisfy all ages and all, tastes.
The White Fudge or Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels, manage to combine saturated fat and sugar into an innocent-looking snack.
The pretzels in front can be shorter than those in back.
To attain the preferred treat--five pretzels as opposed to two cookies, for example -- youngsters had to wait for the experimenter to return about 15 minutes later.
Committed to baking quality pretzels since 1888, H.
Gratify Gluten Free Foods Introduces First Gluten Free Pretzels in 2-Ounce Snack Pack