pretrial conference

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(law) a conference held before the trial begins to bring the parties together to outline discovery proceedings and to define the issues to be tried

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BEIRUT: The Special Tribunal for Lebanon said Monday the trial chamber would hold later this week a third pretrial conference in preparation for the Jan.
Second, some courts refuse to allow SOJ as of right when litigants have had the opportunity at pretrial conferences to "test the waters" about how the judge views the case, or where the judge during these pretrial conferences has "tipped his hand" about how he feels.
The judge drafts a pretrial conference report, describing the history of the case, the issues the parties are disputing, and the outcome of the pretrial conference.
Court continued the final pretrial conference to March 10, 2006.
The court observed that at a pretrial conference held only one week prior to trial.
The court began the random assignment in July 1998, but had to terminate the process before reaching the desired target of 100 participants for the pretrial conference group, because the randomization process would conflict with legislative changes in the dependency court process.
Although the claims representative or the insurance board is the intended audience, the video can also be played in mediation, arbitration, or at a settlement or pretrial conference, if the court permits.
Pretrial Conference: Do you personally conduct pretrial conferences in your cases?
In October, representatives from the Presbyterian Church and the federal government, as well as lawyers representing 80 plaintiffs, will gather at a pretrial conference in Kenora, Ont.
On August 9, 2001, after a pretrial conference, the trial court ordered the hospital to produce the incident reports.
The court refused to let the female inmate raise clams of gender-based unequal treatment at the summary judgment stage of trial because she failed to introduce the claims in her complaint, or at the pretrial conference.
Lawyers are due to meet in San Francisco's District Court on Wednesday for a pretrial conference in the criminal case.
Nowlin in the Western District of Texas in Austin has amended an order setting final pretrial conference and jury selection in NEON Enterprise Software, LLC v.
A pretrial conference in the teens' case is scheduled for July 20.
After his pretrial conference Tuesday before Judge Maura McCarthy, witnesses, including court personnel, saw Mr.