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Synonyms for Pretender


Synonyms for Pretender

one who sets forth a claim to a royal title

Words related to Pretender

a claimant to the throne or to the office of ruler (usually without just title)

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a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives

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Desaparecer las policias municipales y poner en su lugar solo 32 cuerpos policiacos estatales vulnera la estabilidad de este orden de gobierno que quedaria reducido a ser un simple administrador de las decisiones centrales de los gobernantes en turno; con esto no quiero decir que no se necesite un rediseno de fondo de las policias municipales, pienso que lo que no es adecuado es borrarlas de un plumazo legislativo y pretender que todo cambie de la noche a la manana.
In the absence of any clear-cut criteria on how to distinguish between a true and a false Tsar," he writes, "the pretender could evidently to some degree believe in his predestination, in his election" (120).
Pretenders can slow an organization down, steal momentum and damage relationships.
Among the individual figures in Pushkin's play, considerably less work has been dedicated to finding models for Marina than for Boris and the Pretender, (5) despite the frequently observed connections between Pushkin's heroines and Shakespeare's, especially in "Mistress into Maid" and Romeo and Juliet, "Egyptian Nights" and Antony and Cleopatra, Pohava and Othello, Graf Nulin and The Rape of Lucrece, and, of course, Andzhelo and Measure for Measure.
RACING: Godolphin duo Young Pretender and McCartney both ran out of steam in the closing stages of the Group 2 totesport.
Mike Diacos transferred from Oaks Christian of Westlake Village to Camarillo over the summer, instantly transforming the Scorpions from a pretender in the Ventura County basketball landscape to a contender.
None of the cardinals appointed by the pretender popes could be considered valid.
LATE Late Show host Pat Kenny has stuck the knife into chat show king young pretender Ryan Tubridy.
Those who nurtured such beliefs were prepared to fill in the blanks when a pretender appeared on the scene.
He called himself If James III after his father died in 1701, and he was commonly known in Great Britain as the Old Pretender.
He and Frank Esmond are ardent supporters of James Edward, the (Old) Pretender, who falls in love with Beatrix and ruins his chances for the throne.
Yates's portrait of the ironic pretender reflected a significant new way of thinking about life in our society.
In the autumn of 1603, this pretender "revealed" himself in Lithuania as Tsarevich Dmitrii of Uglich, Ivan the Terrible's youngest son, who had died in mysterious circumstances in 1591.