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Synonyms for ready-to-wear

(especially of clothing) made in standard sizes and available from merchandise in stock

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Outre des representants des conseils d'exportation des industries textiles et de filatures, du pret a porter et d'autres.
The iconic French fashion show, PRET A PORTER PARIS, has partnered with WWDMAGIC to launch the "HEART OF PRET," a collaboration that will provide Better-to-Bridge retailers access to the creme de la creme in French apparel brands.
HEART OF PRET within WWDMAGIC will feature a unique collection of 20-30 apparel brands selected from PRET A PORTER PARIS representing the best in French fashion including 2026 Paris, Akela Key, Carlopik, Coline Diffusion Sacoline, Didier Parakian, DP Jeans, Fred Sabatier, Lauren Vidal, Mado, Paul Brial, and more.
market," said Jean-Pierre Mocho, President, Federation Francaise Du Pret A Porter Feminin.
1959: Tracey Ullman, 44, British comedienne, whose films include Bullets Over Broadway and Pret a Porter.
With all the flair of a model from the fashion movie Pret A Porter the toothy TV star joined Elton John and his partner David Furnish at the launch of Antonio D'Amico's first collection.
He shares a National Board of Review ensemble award with the cast of Robert Altman's PRET A PORTER and was nominated for SAG Awards twice for his roles in "Deacons for Defense" and "The Enemy Within.
Le Premier ministre, Dr Kamal Al Ganzouri, a donne des directives en vue de mettre en place un plan urgent pour le soutien du secteur des textiles et filatures et du pret a porter.
Ullman has starred in several films including Woody Allen's Small Time Crooks and Bullets Over Broadway, I Love You To Death and Pret a Porter.
Ce sont notamment Bustier [beaucoup moins que]perspectives experimentales[beaucoup plus grand que], Manteau [beaucoup moins que]uniforme chic[beaucoup plus grand que],homme pret a porter [beaucoup moins que]Japanese style[beaucoup plus grand que], enfant pret a porter [beaucoup moins que] pop star[beaucoup plus grand que], enfant traditionnel [beaucoup moins que] harem sultan [beaucoup plus grand que], traditionnel pret a porter femme [beaucoup moins que]la femme du sud[beaucoup plus grand que],robe du soir [beaucoup moins que]les annees 20[beaucoup plus grand que], robe de mariee.