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Synonyms for bedsore

a chronic ulcer of the skin caused by prolonged pressure on it (as in bedridden patients)

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Instituting pressure-relieving surfaces helps to prevent pressure ulcers in the OR and meets one of The Joint Commission's 2008 patient safety goals
A cocreator of F-Tag #314, Lyder thinks nursing home staff have to be honest with themselves about the nature of pressure ulcer prevention.
Predictive validity of the Braden scale and nurse perception in identifying pressure ulcer risk.
LOS ANGELES -- A new clinical study spearheaded by the dean of the UCLA School of Nursing has found a direct correlation between pressure ulcers - commonly known as "bed sores" - and patient mortality and increased hospitalization.
INNOVATIONS IN PRESSURE ULCER RELIEF PRODUCTS II-15 Unique Mapping System to Prevent Ulcers II-15 Wearable Sensors to Lower Risk of Ulcers II-15 Therapeutic Mattresses to Reduce Ulcer Incidence II-16 High Density Foam Mattress to Increase Patient Repositioning Time II-16 University of Bolton Develops Novel Cushion for Wheelchair Users II-16 Bari-Gel(TM) - An Advanced Cushion for Bariatric Wheelchair Patients II-16 Imaging Technologies to Assist in Early Detection of Ulcers II-16
3) Many other developed nations use pressure ulcer incidence as a formal or informal indicator of quality of care.
After determining pressure ulcer risk, caregivers are instructed to "monitor the impact of the interventions, and CO modify, the interventions as appropriate" (p.
Staff from across the hospital were invited to a launch event where they were asked to make a personal commitment to reduce incidences of pressure ulcers.
Nigel Broad, senior charge nurse on Anglesey ward, said: "When we first set up this project our aim was to decrease our incidence of pressure ulcers by 50% for every 1,000 patient bed days.
The prevention section details what makes patients vulnerable to pressure ulcers, such as long-term contact with devices including nasal cannulae and tracheostomy plates.
and, according to Medicare, each pressure ulcer that is treated, adds approximately $70,000 in costs[sup.
These findings are clinically meaningful and potentially transformative in how we assess and prevent pressure ulcer development.
For the first time, the NPUAP has joined forces with the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel and the Pan Pacific Pressure Injury to develop new guidelines for pressure ulcer care and prevention.
In the Netherlands, one per cent of health care expenditure is spent on pressure ulcer care.