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an electrical device that converts one form of energy into another

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For proper process analysis and troubleshooting, it is very helpful to have pressure transducers along the length of the extruder.
Vapors generated from the liquid will not affect the sensing element of a submersible pressure transducer, since it is designed for optimal compatibility.
Pressure transducers offer solutions for monitoring airflow and snoring.
ESI Technology designs and manufactures pressure transducers and transmitters for defence, process and general industrial applications and exports 75pcof its output.
The pressure transducer and associated amplification electronics yield a relative standard uncertainty of [+ or -] 0.
Additional information about the new TDH-40 pressure transducer can be found at: www.
PT420A high-accuracy pressure transducer for critical pressure and temperature measurements with [+ or -]0.
The pressure transducer is capable of measuring pressure at temperatures from -40[degrees] to 120[degrees]C with data accuracy within 1% of full scale.
Setra Systems (Boxborough, MA) has introduced the AccuSense Model ASM, an ultra high-performance pressure transducer, which provides accuracy, stability, and overpressure protection.
Performing with Krystal Bond technology, American Sensor Technologies' one-piece stainless steel AST20HA pressure transducer has no internal o-rings and exhibits 100 V/m EMI/RFI protection from electrical noise.
The Logiball 2001 JS Packers are built from stainless steel, 1/2-inch thick reinforced rubber sleeve, two grout ports, a third port for the test and a separate port for the pressure transducer or pressure gauge.
Pressure transducer: A pressure transducer is a transducer that converts pressure into an analog electrical signal.
Franklin, MA-based Dynisco has introduced a wear-resistant coating for melt pressure transducer diaphragms called DyMax.
com)-- The PTM-1000[TM] Pressure Transducer Module is a four-channel test instrument used for measuring differential pressure in electronics enclosures.
The M5100 Pressure Transducer is designed for use in industrial applications that require high accuracy and high, long-term stability despite harsh environmental conditions.