Eamon de Valera

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Irish statesman (born in the United States)


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Roiste would not lie--and investigative journalist Mullan examines military documents leading to his 'retirement' in 1969 by President de Valera.
Upon his return to New York, Harry confronted the members of the Clan na Gael Executive and insisted that they defer to the wishes of President de Valera on all matters relating to the policies and interests of the Irish Republic.
THE son of Adolf Hilter's right-hand man sought the help of President de Valera to persuade the Russians to release his father from jail in 1968.
Dr Bryan Alton, who had looked after the health of President de Valera for 20 years, wrote to Mr Lynch in January 1973 to discover if the 1916 veteran and three-times Taoiseach was facing financial problems.
President De Valera began the trend away back in 1966 when he attended ceremonies to mark the re-opening of the abbey after its restoration.