President William Henry Harrison

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9th President of the United States

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Use it in a shrine to President William Henry Harrison.
The quilt of President William Henry Harrison is on of the 100 quilts stored at the museum, and it was a spectacular find for the women.
Grouseland in Vincennes, the first brick building in the city, was home to President William Henry Harrison during his time as governor of the Indiana territory.
ON MARCH 4, 1841, ABOUT AN HOUR and a half into the longest inaugural address in American history, President William Henry Harrison turned from his clause-by-clause celebration of the Constitution to warn of the lessons posed to the American republic from ancient Rome: "[T]he senate continued to meet in the temple of liberty to talk of the sacredness and beauty of the Commonwealth and the people assembled in the forum, not as in the days of Camillus and the Scipios, to cast their free votes for annual magistrates or pass upon the acts of the senate, but to receive from the hands of the leaders of the respective parties their share of the spoils.
He purchased a 325-acre estate owned by President William Henry Harrison and began what some people believe to be the first forest experiment station in the U.
US President William Henry Harrison made the longest inauguration speech on March 4, 1841.
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