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The men of VP-74 considered it a great honor to have been inspected by President Roosevelt.
Established in 1913, the Onward Store honors that legacy with a collection of decor of all things related to teddy bears, including autobiographical books about President Roosevelt and his guide for that historical hunt, Holt Collier
What we re doing today embodies the spirit of President Roosevelt s CCC coming together to put young people and veterans to work on our public lands which will instill a lifelong conservation ethic that not only benefits them, but our public lands and our country, said Secretary Jewell.
This made the postwar Truman administration more supportive of partition, as it feared losing key states in 1948 over the Israel issue to a Republican Party whose 1944 platform had condemned President Roosevelt for failing "to insist that the Palestine Mandatory carry out the provisions of the Balfour Declaration" (133).
I cannot help wishing that President Roosevelt were now alive to behold the victory that he worked so mightily to achieve.
A new book on the patriarch, Joseph P Kennedy, tells how he had a member of the press approach President Roosevelt with a view to sending him to Ireland to negotiate with Dev.
No President's been re-elected in a time of such high unemployment since President Roosevelt during the 1930s.
It is hard to criticize President Roosevelt for his handling of the war when we have people who would allow actual enemy troops into our land before we decide to fight.
Twain, twenty-three years older than Roosevelt, was a wealthy author of wildly popular travel accounts and novels and who would later become a harsh critic of President Roosevelt.
SEVENTY years ago today your Evening Chronicle led its front page with the latest war news and top of the list was Winston Churchill's visit to the US meeting President Roosevelt to discuss the opening of the Second Front against the Nazis.
As President Roosevelt did in the 1930s with the building of the Hoover Dam, which still stands today, it would be there for future generations, something we dearly need.
Koch cites a transcript of a conversation that President Roosevelt had with local African Leaders in Casablanca in 1943.
US President Roosevelt was voted in four times in a row because this did not contradict the American constitution," said Putin.