President Reagan

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40th President of the United States (1911-2004)

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Olson, who served as Assistant Attorney General under President Reagan and who is a current member of the Board of Trustees for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute.
President Reagan took office almost eight years to the day after the Supreme Court unleashed the abortion juggernaut in its grotesque Roe v.
This forum that addressed so many of the most vital aspects of America's national security and our defense enterprise that President Reagan cared so deeply about and helped shape.
President Reagan made a full recovery but his press secretary was left paralysed and permanently disabled.
In the files, students will also notice pages from Bartlett's Book of Quotations, pages from the Bible, poems, speeches by other presidents, and, in this case, a letter from Lisa Zanatta Henn and a story she sent to President Reagan.
One can only imagine the reaction of President Reagan and the United States if Mr Chernenko of Mr Gromyko made such a remark about the United States.
President Reagan and his wife Nancy before they set off for hospital where the President underwent a minor operation.
President Reagan did not think, as author Diggins claims, government per se was evil.
The mission of Peacekeeper and the vision of President Reagan had been achieved without ever firing a shot in anger.
8) At first, it may seem inconceivable that the story of the 2nd Ranger Battalion, amidst a hundred or even a thousand stories of World War II bravery, would be the foundation for what one biographical resource referred to as a period of "national self-confidence" under President Reagan.
The grand cobalt and blue monteith was commissioned by President Reagan and Nancy Reagan in 1988 and will now be part of the library's collection.
President Reagan studied the facts, educated himself about the truth of abortion, and came to the point where he 'got it.
Before a host of past and present world leaders, President Reagan was eulogised as 'a great president, a great American, and a great man'.
That was not settled question when President Reagan made that assertion, but I think it is fair to say that it has stood up pretty well over time.