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11th President of the United States

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What is unjust is the libel perpetrated against President Polk, with the unfounded claim that Polk launched the war.
We would remind whoever we can that President Polk lied to the nation about the reason for going to war with Mexico in 1846.
Peskin adroitly blends military and political analysis in helping us to understand how Scott could lead such a flawless campaign and achieve decisive strategic victory, only to be recalled in disgrace by the manipulative and paranoid President Polk.
Peterson was instead looking for information on the President Garfield and President Polk.
President Madison asserted that he was following congressional orders in occupying West Florida, President Polk that Mexico had invaded the state of Texas.
Knight Ridder would never have entered into a financial hedge contract with Enron had it known Enron's true financial condition," KR Vice President Polk Laffoon said in a prepared statement.
When President Polk drafted a message asking Congress to declare war on Mexico in May 1846, he asserted that "Mexico has passed the boundary of the United States, has invaded our territory and shed American blood upon America's soil.
In October 1845, President Polk sent John Slidell on a secret mission to Mexico with instructions to negotiate the Texas boundary issues and the outstanding claims against Mexico by U.
On May 13, 1846, President Polk told Congress that Mexico had "invaded our territory, and shed American blood on American soil.
5, 1848: President Polk, in a message to Congress, announces the discovery of gold.
When news of Slidell's failure reached Washington shortly afterward, an impatient President Polk ordered General Taylor to move his army to the Rio Grande.
On January 13, 1846, President Polk ordered American forces under Zachary Taylor (1784-1850) to advance to the Rio Grande.
During the Mexican War, he played a controversial role in the conquest of California; he was later found guilty of mutiny and disobedience by a court - martial, and although President Polk remitted his sentence, he resigned from the army.