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5th President of the United States

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Governor Cass's choice of President Monroe as the namesake for his new county was more than merely a political ploy.
The colony's name was taken from the Latin phrase for "land of the free," and its capital, Monrovia, was named after President Monroe.
According to Joseph Story, a Supreme Court justice appointed by President Monroe and arguably the foremost legal and constitutional scholar of his generation:
The treaty made by President Monroe with Spain for purchase of Florida was actually completed in 1819.
On December 2, 1823, President Monroe therefore announced what eventually came to be known as the Monroe Doctrine.
Latrobe's son, John H[azelhurst] B[oneval] Latrobe (1803-1891), a lawyer, artist, historian, and biographer, took a deep interest in the establishment of Liberia and suggested Monrovia as the name of the capital, by way of paying a compliment to President Monroe.
How could President Monroe, in 1823, proscribe any European presence in the New World without weakening the legitimacy of the United States, whose independence would never have been achieved without the military intervention of Bourbon France?
The fact that these important independent tests concluded as we had initially predicted is very gratifying," said ICTK President Monroe A.
It was Secretary of State Adams, along with President Monroe, who, in 1823, formulated the famous Monroe Doctrine, which was not only a response to events in Europe and Latin America, but also a positive formulation of American foreign interests.
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