Francois Mitterrand

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French statesman and president of France from 1981 to 1985 (1916-1996)

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The indignation of the Vel' d'Hiv' Committee |42 was fuelled for a second time when President Mitterrand performed another brief symbolic gesture at the wreath-laying ceremony to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vel' d'Hiv' round-up.
According to President Mitterrand, he was the first who called on late King Al-Hasan II to take his time in crystallizing a political settlement to the conflict, while the political class in Spain is divided over whether to deport activist Haidar who chose to intentionally abandon her Moroccan nationality.
Openly gay FrE[umlaut]dE[umlaut]ric Mitterrand, the nephew of the late President Mitterrand, is presently struggling to save his name amid the storm over his past accounts of paying "boys" for sex, reports The Times.
President Mitterrand, of France, once said Maggie had the mouth of Marilyn Monroe .
He said he flew to France after hearing the story of how President Mitterrand "had gorged himself on one last orgiastic feast before he'd died".
Before the 1992 referendum on the Maastricht Treaty, President Mitterrand assured his fellow citizens that, contrary to the express language of the treaty, European monetary policy would not be determined by faceless central bankers, but would be guided by political oversight governed by concern with unemployment and inflation.
Although plans for the exhibition proved abortive, President Mitterrand launched his Grands Projets -- among them the new Opera to be built on the site of the Bastille terminus (for which Carlos Ott won the competition in 1983 (AR December 1983).
It was here, on a hilltop where you can see in every direction for 15 miles, that President Mitterrand was brought up by his grandparents because he was a sickly child who needed the country air.
Prominent actors on the scene are still with us, President Mitterrand in the first place.
A French media which chose not to expose the love child of President Mitterrand and the behaviour of Dominique Strauss-Kahn shouldn't be hounding a British royal.
Now that it is ending, we can all say that it should not have taken so long for the Brits and the Irish to be able to organise such a visit when you think that President Mitterrand invited Chancellor Helmut Kohl to the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Verdun over 20 years ago.
A TV report had claimed former French President Mitterrand arranged for pounds 9.
That a repetition of this disaster was avoided when the Palais des Droits de l'Homme outgrew its rather decent neo-Corbusian quarters huddled in the shadow of the Council building was due entirely to President Mitterrand.
President Mitterrand was enraged in the early 80s by his country's dismal soccer and Olympic performances.
President Mitterrand was in control and Jacque Chirac was elected Prime Minister.
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