President Madison

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4th President of the United States

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President Madison held similar ideological views about the bank but privately acknowledged the constitutionality of the institution by virtue of the bank's 20-year record of providing economic stability.
These events, historians say, placed President Madison "in a quandary.
His first wife was Letitia Lee of Orange County, who was a great-grandchild of President Madison.
I am told that he gave President Madison a nose job, slightly altering it for the purposes of our materials.
The conditions surrounding Napoleon's war include the declaration by the newly elected President Madison of a state of war between the States and Britain.
President Madison didn't benefit from the comparison to his wife: "Ah, poor Jimmy
The second name on the list was that of Joel Barlow, the American minister to France under President Madison who, fleeing from the Russian armies, caught pneumonia and died at the church in Zarnowiec and where his memory was kept by residents who contributed to the carving of a memory stone and where it still stands within the church's entry.
In June of 1812 President Madison asked Congress to declare the first official war of the United States, but they were going to get more of a fight from British colonials than they thought.
This bill passed both houses of Congress and was presented to President Madison to sign.
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