President Johnson

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17th President of the United States

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President Johnson then recognized MTNA Past Presidents in attendance: James Norden (1993-1995), Phyllis Pieffer (2003-2005), Gail Berenson (2007-2009) and Benjamin Caton (2011-2013).
As President Johnson sought election in 1964 to a full term, he unveiled the idea of a "Great Society" as the guiding theme of his presidency.
Angry that Wallace wouldn't guarantee a safe march, President Johnson "federalized" the Alabama National Guard to provide protection.
King won] the Nobel Prize, President Johnson talked for an hour about why he didn't have the power to introduce voting rights legislation in 1965, and gave very good reasons.
President Johnson was giving a speech on the progress of the war in Vietnam.
1965: US orders 50,000 troops to Vietnam President Johnson has commited a further 50,000 US troops to the conflict in Vietnam.
Following his inauguration, President Johnson is heard to call JFK's mother, Rose Kennedy, at her Massachusetts home.
He explained that a "fully-accredited ambassador will be able to work closely with President Johnson Sirleaf's government as it works to push forward her program of reform and national reconciliation.
He was later pardoned by President Johnson and released from prison in 1869.
This year's meeting will offer us many exciting opportunities to refocus our efforts on leadership development for elected officials within, NBC-LEO's membership network," said President Johnson.
President Johnson ignored those advocating for a counter-attack and instead called for negotiations and declined to run for another term.
Liam's president Johnson, sworn into office after John F Kennedy's assassination in 1963, was not present for the march, but he was instrumental in the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the National Voting Rights Act of 1965.
AaThe ethnic Uighurs, in US custody since 2001, were met at the airport in the middle of the night by President Johnson Toribiong and taken to their new home.
Palau President Johnson Toribiong said on Wednesday his country will temporarily accept the Chinese in a gesture for the Obama administration.
In the mid-1960s, military advisors told President Johnson to increase the number of troops in Vietnam to win the war.