President Hoover

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31st President of the United States

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President Hoover is presented as a decisive and efficacious economic planner, and (with important qualifications) this is certainly a role to which he aspired.
He was the grandson of the former general and president, and he took on the task of finding a temporary office for President Hoover.
When President Hoover heard of this event, he had a small version of the medallion struck and sent to my parents for me.
President Hoover was ineffective and in 1932 Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected, promising the nation a New Deal.
NOTING DETAIL: With what does President Hoover compare playing the stock market?
Instead of losing half its GDP and 40 percent of its money supply as the United States did under President Hoover seventy years ago, Japan has managed to maintain stability for both because of the prompt fiscal response that filled the deflationary gap each year before the vicious cycle was allowed to start.
In his article Gone Fishing, Game Protector Lou Fendrick relays a story about former President Hoover, who, when asked why so many Presidents are also anglers, replies: ".
Finally, it was President Hoover who signed the Colorado River Compact, which set a precedent leading to a strong federal role in water development for half a century.
It's a Depression-era reference to former President Hoover, who would evoke such a slogan but whom many blamed for not doing enough to stop the downward spiral.
Why do you believe President Hoover refused to give direct federal aid to victims of the Depression?
But William Allen White, who went to Haiti for President Hoover and to Europe for the Red Cross and who filed dispatches to The New York Times while on a trip to Moscow, loved Emporia, Kan.
1933) Washington: President Hoover vetoes a bill to give the Philippines independence in 10 years.
But the New Deal revolution couldn't really begin until President Hoover was replaced and more Democrats were added to Congress.
Like many of the pianists who preceded him, Horowitz had longstanding personal and business ties to the company, which arranged his first White House recital for President Hoover in 1931.
In an effort to shore up domestic business, Congress passed, and President Hoover signed into law, the Smoot-Hawley Act, restricting imports.