President Hayes

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19th President of the United States

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President Hayes, awarded the election, would make concessions to the Democrats, remove the soldiers who had protected black rights in the South, and white supremacy would be restored.
President Hayes, withdrawing soldiers from the South, used some of those same soldiers to smash the strikes.
He got Assemblyman Marco Firebaugh, a protege and member of the State Allocation Board, to make school board president Hayes squirm while testifying before the school construction funding panel and promise to have the facilities director report to Zacarias after all.
The purpose of this article is to explore the efforts of President Hayes and his cabinet to influence members of Congress and thereby affect the content and fate of legislation.
President Hayes calls on the CIA's top counter-terrorism agent, Mitch Rapp, to defuse the situation--in all senses of the word.
The Center is located on a 25-acre wooded estate with gardens, historic hiking trails and the tombs of President Hayes and his wife Lucy.
In 1878, President Hayes moved it to the White House.
The White House grounds were opened to children in 1878 on Easter Monday by President Hayes and his wife, Lucy.
There's an 1850 English silver chatelaine, an ornamental chain worn at the waist with a needle case, stamp box, a tiny pen case, and a perfume bottle fastened to it; a framed decorative hair wreath made of loose hairs from Victorian women; and a bed which was once slept in by President Hayes, William Jennings Bryan, and the wife of President Cleveland - though not all at the same time.