President Eisenhower

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United States general who supervised the invasion of Normandy and the defeat of Nazi Germany

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But somehow President Eisenhower got in the middle and it seemed to be a tight squeeze for the three of them.
But most importantly, everyone needs to recognize that today's defense industry looks nothing like the "military-industrial complex" President Eisenhower mentioned a half-century ago.
Even though President Eisenhower did decide from time to time to break his three-pronged rule and venture into partisan politics, David Eisenhower's description of the mentor-mentee relationship between President Eisenhower and President Johnson is quite revealing.
According to the author, President Eisenhower found an effective middle way and won the United States the peace it enjoyed over the course of his presidency.
President Eisenhower also had some strong opinions on preventive war.
At the time of his death in 1959, President Eisenhower described him as "the last hero.
Toward the beginning of the Cold War, President Eisenhower launched the Emergency Fund of 1954, which permitted the companies of artists such as Martha Graham, Jose Limon, and Alvin Alley to travel abroad under the auspices of the State Department.
The newly released book highlights bilateral cooperation, the foundations of which were laid by His Majesty the late King Hussein and former US President Eisenhower and further boosted by His Majesty King Abdullah II and consecutive US Administrations, mainly current US president Barack Obama.
President Eisenhower won 58% of the popular vote, up 3% from 1952.
Pioneer IV, which will be officially named Artificial Planet Two, was the last of a series of five lunar and space probes authorized by President Eisenhower last March.
President Eisenhower, nearing the end of his half-century of public service, had an important warning to pass along to his successors.
But Dev died two years later, and the famous black car, which had ferried passengers such as President Eisenhower and Princess Grace, reverted to state ownership.
House had already passed the legislation, the Senate action sent the measure to the White House where President Eisenhower signed it into law seven days later, on July 7, 1958.
com, include Michael Korda's Ike, a biography of President Eisenhower, and Michael C White's Soul Catcher.
Plans are also in the works for an African-American History Museum and a memorial to President Eisenhower.