President Coolidge

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elected vice president and succeeded as 30th President of the United States when Harding died in 1923 (1872-1933)

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The rug was delivered to the President Coolidge on December 4, 1925,
1) Timothy Percy Patterson to President Coolidge, October 16, 1923; File 180337-1-2-2; Straight Numerical Files; Records of the Department of Justice; National Archives Record Group 60.
Escorted by a cruiser and a destroyer, the President Coolidge zig-zagged across the Pacific, trying to evade Japanese submarines.
Harding's sudden death of a heart attack, vice president Coolidge proceeded confidently to dominate the capital.
The remainder of the commission, whose roles, according to President Coolidge, were to lend expert advice and expedite resource provision, included the secretaries of the Departments of the Treasury, War, and Navy, and the members of the Red Cross Central Committee.
Mason Patrick, managed to keep a lid on Mitchell until he angered both Secretary of War Weeks and President Coolidge, which led to his court martial.
Newman wasn't available to talk about his song, which includes a line about President Coolidge standing at the scene telling a ``little fat man with a note-pad in his hand .
I regard it as rather necessary to the carrying on of our republican institution that the people should have a fairly accurate report of what the president is trying to do, and it is for that purpose of course that those intimate conferences are held," commented President Coolidge in a session with reporters.
That's the sort of business President Coolidge would have been proud to see any Wall Street banker achieve.
There have been many interesting "side" stories: members taking President Coolidge fishing and opening the door for the formation of the Bureau of Agricultural Engineering; the effort to exchange tractors for prisoners with Fidel Castro; building ASAE's headquarters building; developing industry support for ASAE standards; the publication of the ASAE history books.
Army Transport ship President Coolidge after the 22,000 ton troop transport struck a mine off a small South Pacific island.
I even made a speech to the Congress at that time, just ahead of President Coolidge .
Here President Coolidge is flanked by manager Bucky Harris and a beaming Walter Johnson.
The nationwide appeal would be delivered at carefully planned events featuring President Coolidge, members of the cabinet, the Harding family, the armed forces, and other prominent Americans.