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a mood that represents an act or state (not as a fact but) as contingent or possible


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In Example (23), present subjunctive sappia is ambiguous between 1st, 2nd and 3rd person singular and there is no antecedent in context by reference to which its subject can be recovered since the subject of the initial sentence is 3rd person plural.
ABBREVIATIONS NOT INDICATED IN THE INTRODUCTIONS TO TABLES 2sa second person singular active 2sm second person singular middle 3dm third person dual middle 3pa third person plural active 3pm third person plural middle 3sa third person singular active 3sm third person singular middle ipf imperfect ipv imperative opt present optative pre present indicative psb present subjunctive Nigh.
the present subjunctive or imperative seem to be more consistent in prefixing different types of verbs, but on the other hand the number of tokens in these forms is considerably lower.
The picture of the prefixed verbs in the present subjunctive is in many ways different from that presented above.
The type/token ratio in the third person singular shows that in the present subjunctive the prefix is quite frequently attached to different verbs.
In German, infinitive, first person plural, and third person plural are equally marked by -en; in Greek, the finite present subjunctive form and the nonfinite perfect tense form are homophone.
135, line 22, tort is third person present subjunctive of torner, not a part of tordre.
As indicated by Kyto (1993b: 118), the decline of the zero form in the third person singular indicative can be explained in the light of the heavy functional load the form had obtained over the centuries as a marker of the third person present subjunctive, present indicative, and, especially, the third person present plural form.
Present subjunctives apply only to contexts underlying prophecy/vision.