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a drug that is available only with written instructions from a doctor or dentist to a pharmacist

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It is a criminal offence to supply prescription only medicines without a valid prescription.
Farmers are already concerned at the cost of prescription only medicines, which was supported by a Competitions Commission inquiry.
According to FUW figures prescription only medicines are being sold in other EU countries for between 40 and 50pc less than for identical products in Britain.
Professor Mike Mawhinney, Head of MRG, Department of Health added: People should take prescription only medicines in consultation with their GP, pharmacist or other healthcare professionals who have access to patient health records and can take into account the risks and benefits associated with every medicine.
f and g are prescription only medicines, other products in this category are available which aid in reducing mortality and it is useful to consult your vet about these.
Be particularly careful when buying prescription only medicines abroad.
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