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the doctrines and practices of the Presbyterian Church: based in Calvinism

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Hence, her paintings could be considered icons of predestination without being iconic and they would abide by the proscription against icons common in Protestantism, including Presbyterianism.
Of the three types of church polity found in Western Christianity, Presbyterianism, with its rule by elders (vs.
It is also known as the High Kirk of Edinburgh; it is the mother church of Presbyterianism and contains the Chapel of the Order of the Thistle (Scotland's chivalric company of knights headed by the Queen).
At this juncture, I should explain to those of you, whose wee eyes did not open to life in the alcohol-free parlours of Presbyterianism, that this is a nourishing broth made from leeks and chicken, hence its name.
His strong theological commitments--standing between the modernist trends, especially in missiology, and the departing fundamentalists--were a major force in bringing a firm neo-orthodoxy to the American scene and to Presbyterianism and its ecumenical program.
It's not surprising that Cameroonians would worship at a Presbyterian church, as Presbyterianism in Cameroon dates back to the mid-1800s when missionaries built schools and churches there.
As The History Man did for left-wing intellectualism, so Butler did for Presbyterianism.
Wilson owed his view of the church and the world not to confessional Presbyterianism but to the transformationist strand of evangelicalism that came to dominate mainstream Presbyterianism in the late 19th century.
Owen stood for the dogmatic high orthodoxy of Calvinists (Congregationalism), while Baxter, arguing the need for doctrinal tolerance, stood for moderate Presbyterianism, opposing predestination as unreasonable because it makes God responsible for sin.
When Henry began his studies there two years later, the seminary was divided, as was Presbyterianism, by disputes that, ostensibly about theology, were actually about slavery.
Coupled with the hard Calvinism of Francis Turretin, it was virtually unavoidable that the American version of Presbyterianism (and other Calvinist traditions) would adopt a hard-line position on both slavery and women, a stance that it would eventually renounce as inconsistent with Christ's teachings.
Murray was born at Earlston in Berwickshire in 1732 into a Presbyterian family whose memory was strong of the "killing times" of the 1680s in Scotland, when the Anglican Establishment under Charles II and his brother James tried to ban Presbyterianism.
While there are episodes of love, they tend to be exceptional and very personal, like John Buchan's love of Oxford and the Cotswolds as well as the Scottish Borders, or Queen Victoria's devotion to Deeside and Presbyterianism.
Free Presbyterianism, free love and free spliffs for everyone
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