Presbyterian Church

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the Protestant denomination adhering to the views of John Calvin

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For more information about the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church 2015-2016 Concert Series or any other church programs, visit www.
She was fervent about the Presbyterian Church in Canada needing to take a more accepting stance on same-sex rights, including ordination.
Community Presbyterian Church of Kendall Park will host the Rev.
Central Presbyterian Church spent two years defending its actions in church courts and was exonerated.
This book is about the straggle to preserve the Presbyterian Church in the city of Halifax after the creation of the United Church of Canada in 1925.
But the Presbyterian Church of Clinton, on Chestnut Street, regularly features cultural aspects from its Cameroonian members, including dancing and singing - in English, for the benefit of the local parishioners - up and down the aisles in festival dress.
Barbara Haddon, left, of Sherman Oaks Presbyterian Church, and Rev.
The 2nd Circuit affirmed the judge's order in Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church v.
The Presbyterian Church in Wales - known as the "Mother Church" by the Mizos - went out to Mizoram in the 19th century after the region was annexed for the Empire.
Harry Uprichard, moderator of Northern Ireland's largest denomination, the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, said: "The final act of decommissioning by the IRA is welcome and I acknowledge it as most helpful in the present situation.
A growing urban church in desperate need of space to house a new education center, the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church had no room to grow above or adjacent to it.
But this practice recently run afoul of religious conservatives in the Presbyterian Church (USA), who said Van Kuiken was violating biblical law and the church constitution.
In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the MTNA FOUNDATION, WMTA Foundation, Oshkosh Area Keyboard Teachers Association, UW-Oshkosh Music Department or the First Presbyterian Church.
Of the claims filed so far, the Roman Catholic Church, which ran most of the school, is named in 73 percent of the claims, the Anglican Church in 18 percent, the United Church in 8 percent and the Presbyterian Church in about 1 percent.
SIR - In view of the attacks on New York and Washington on September 11, the Presbyterian Church of Wales wishes to convey to the American people our sense of shock and grief at the terrible events.
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