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the doctrines and practices of the Presbyterian Church: based in Calvinism

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F u n e r a l S e r v i c e o n Wednesday, July 21 at Clubmoor Presbytarian Church at 11.
People identify themselves culturally with varying degrees of intensity; someone might say she is a Calgarian, an Albertan, a Presbytarian, a Christian, a Canadian, a North American, and a Westerner.
Rutgers Presbytarian Church in the City of New York, (110) artist Alfred Crimi brought an action against Rutgers Presbytarian Church after it painted over a fresco that it had commissioned Crimi to paint several years earlier.
The Rev Ken Newell spoke last night from New York where he is on sabbatical from the Belfast Fitzroy Presbytarian Church.
Similarly, writing in the Review, black Presbytarian minister Matthew Anderson, who attended the Twelfth International Congress of Peace in Rouen and Havre in 1903 as a representative of the Universal Peace Union of Philadelphia, noted that throughout his visit, he and his wife "did not experience any embarrassments because of race or color" (290).