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the doctrines and practices of the Presbyterian Church: based in Calvinism

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The announcement was made by Presby and Carnival Vice President of Beverage Operations Edward Allen at a traditional keg-tapping ceremony held aboard Carnival Vista, the first North American-based cruise ship to feature an onboard brewery.
102) Los Angeles prosecutor Shannon Presby said that, in run-of-the-mill cases, "the police have almost no input," (103) but consultation will likely take place "on the other extreme, [in] complex either homicide cases--very, very serious case[s]--or sexual assault cases or very complex fraud cases in which the police officers have [done] a whole lot of investigation and often times know the case much better than the prosecutor.
Competition such as the one between the YCPDM and PRESBY have only created more problems because party structures have been abandoned for other structures which offer opportunities like the JACHABY and PRESBY.
We have private rooms and semi-private rooms at Presby, and we initially wanted to focus on a unit with private rooms, which 12 North had; and I felt very strongly that we needed to work with a staff that would be highly engaged in developing this.
He is survived by his parents- Peter Scribner of Webster, MA and Deena Presby of Biddeford; stepfather- David Presby; sisters- Nicole Martin and Alisha Scribner; stepbrothers- David E.
While remaining true to the experience of riding the rails, owners Wayne Presby and Joel Bedar wanted to upgrade the operation with a biodiesel locomotive.
Forty-four years of Presby work in Papua New Guinea,' Morag muttered ruminatively, 'where the savages were meant to be.
Valverde, who quickly succeeded in landing his first job, is unusually fortunate: He had welcoming family, a good education--and Rye Presby terian Church, which sends a dozen or so members each month to visit inmates.
Mae ei yrfa ddiwinyddol wedi ei arwain ledled Cymru - o gapel y Presby yn nhref Llanelli i gapel Twr Gwyn, Bangor cyn iddo ymgartrefu yn y gogledd ddwyrain yn Wrecsam.
The responsibility literature has covered both perpetrators and victims (Fincham & Jaspars, 1980; Thornton, Hogate, Moirs, Pinette, & Presby, 1986), has led into more general discussions of accounts and excuses (Schlenker, Pontari, & Christopher, 2001; Schonbach, 1990; Snyder & Higgins, 1988), cross-cultural comparisons of sanctioning (Hamilton & Sanders, 1992; Shaver & Schutte, 2001), and the study of interpersonal blame (Shaver, 1985; Shaver & Drown, 1986).
A peasant farmer, Maa Fra uses her own scanty resources to finance her humanitarian activities headquartered at the Dormaa Presby Hospital.
Their overwhelmingly positive evaluations of this form of interactivity corroborates the findings of Presby (2001), who has also urged online instructors to develop ways of maintaining personal contact with their students.
Hosts David Presby and Peter Goldman created the off-Broadway hit ``431 of My Closest Friends,'' which also ran for eight months in Hollywood.
Thomas Presby, a board member of Deloitte & Touche and former director of operations in Western Europe, recently moved back to Brussels to supervise developments in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.