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A prepayment made as an "advance payment of tax," however, will be returned only if the taxpayer follows the Service's procedures for claiming a refund.
Finally, the prepayments did not afford the respective grandchildren any additional rights or privileges, and did not guarantee the child's acceptance and enrollment at the school.
0 of its Neural-Net Prepayment Model(TM) (NNPM), improving the predictive power of the first ever mortgage prepayment model constructed with loan-level data and designed exclusively for portfolio management applications.
The IRS could have perceived prepayments of the guaranteed charitable gifts as an abuse of the chatitable lead trust requirements.
Under present accounting rules, inconsistencies arise about when prepayments are required or allowed to be anticipated and which method is required or allowed to be used to recognize changes in cash flow estimates due to changes in prepayment estimates or in actual prepayment experience.
Current prepayment trends are relatively flat and will probably remain stable as the traditional fall-winter slowdown in home sales begins.
Taken in isolation, lower prepayments typically result in slower bond amortization and increased excess spread levels.
It seems that as long us the prepayment is made directly to the school for tuition costs of specific individuals, it will not be treated us a completed girl for gift tax or GST tax purposes.
Of the many ways to go broke in mortgage banking today, servicing portfolio writedowns caused by high mortgage prepayments rank at the top, along with a few other scoundrels.
Al Rowland, President and Chief Operating Officer, indicated the Company is able to make the voluntary prepayments primarily due to additional asset sales from the Company's divestiture from California and related tax benefits received in addition to cash flow from operations.
As a result, the board decided not to issue a final statement or to continue considering the limited-scope project on prepayments.
Mortgage prepayments accelerate when rates drop, and the premium over par value could be quickly lost.
Failure to meet the supplemental amortization prepayment does not constitute an event of default; rather, missed prepayments are made up by future debt service payments as cash becomes available.
263(a)-4(f)(vi), an accrual-method taxpayer must still wait until a liability is incurred before capitalizing or deducting prepayments.
The resulting prepayments permanently remove the expected interest flow from any securitized asset pool that contains the loans being prepaid.