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works for an expert to learn a trade

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CON be a from "H all r ofte eigh abo for m Se comN eng Cra Brit com App G time gett stud ow 16, he has just started an ineering apprenticeship with mlington-based CMP, part of the tish Engines group, after successfully mpleting a two-year Young prenticeship with TDR.
Alas I sit home and let thy dogs eat part with me, and wear clothes that have worn out their prenticeship a year and half sithence.
Moreover, activities in cognitive ap prenticeship practices are designed for learning, and thereby lose their "authentic" state.
You also learn rely on each ot dustry function everyone sticks seen in the SOS d Despite havin prenticeship, the a steep learning c rate went up to phone rang at all There were ot his time too.