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a tooth having two cusps or points


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This confirms the fact that molars are more quickly anesthetized than premolars in a jaw arch due to anatomically peripheral location of nerve fibers in molars than in premolars [33,34].
The horses deposited at Illerup Aadal had reached the peak of their individual physical and mental development and the pathological changes on the mandibles and premolars are indicative not only of intensive use, but also training with iron bits.
Examination confirmed the absence of the right upper molars and premolars as a result of the patient's previous surgery; the oral cavity was otherwise normal.
One of their premolars also has an interesting add-on 6 a special spur of bone, called an anterior cusp, which allows it to crush bones.
Pax9-/- mice have a downregulation of Msx1, Bmp4, and Lef1, resulting in missing molars, while Msx1-/- mice lack 2nd premolars and 3rd molars [Miletich and Sharpe, 2003; Zhang et al.
These lesions are most common on anteriors and premolars, the teeth most affected by abnormal tongue movements.
Sam was missing all his mandibular molars and several premolars.
I usually "hook" the canines between my ring finger with my index and middle finger resting inside on the first couple premolars, leaving my thumb to clamp from below if needed.
However, the major complication of rapid palatal expansion is root resorption that is confined to the buccal root surface of the anchored teeth (maxillary first premolars and first molars) (Erverdi et al.
The dentary clearly is referable to Platygonus based on the nonmolariform premolars that have high anterior cusps and low posterior cusps.
The incisors and canines cut into food whilst the molars and premolars chew food.
On August 30, 2005, she underwent a 5 cm left mandibular resection as well as removal of the left lateral incisor, canine, premolars and molars (Figure 2).
Abstract: The treatment of approximal carious lesions in molars and premolars is often difficult because of the significant lack of hard dental substance, thus special problems of retention, strength and pulp biology occur.
This big cat uses its premolars to cut off bites of food.
Cynarctoides roii (SDSM 82104)--Cynarctoides is characterized by long, narrow premolars, conical and high-crowned cusps in the lower molars, higher metaconids, larger protostylids in lower molars.