human chorionic gonadotropin

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hormone produced early in pregnancy by the placenta

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CHAPTER 5 METHODS OF TREATMENT 63 FERTILITY PHARMACEUTICALS 63 INTRODUCTION AND TYPES 63 Antagon 64 Bravelle 65 Cetrotide 65 Clomid 65 Crinone and Prometrium 66 Fertinex 67 Follistim 67 Gonal-F 67 Humegon 68 Lupron 68 Novarel 68 Ovidrel 69 Parlodel 69 Pregnyl 69 Profasi 69 Prometrium 69 Repronex 69 Serophene 70 TABLE 8 SELECTED PRESCRIPTION FERTILITY DRUGS 70 MARKET REVENUES AND FORECAST 71 TABLE 9 MARKET SIZE OF GLOBAL INFERTILITY PHARMACEUTICALS AT U.
The commercial hCG preparations Sigma C6322 (CHO-cell recombinant hCG) and C5297 (Sigma Diagnostics), Serono Profasi (Serono), Ferring Choragon (Ferring), Organon Pregnyl (Organon), and Scripps C0713 and C0714 (Scripps Laboratories) were purchased or provided as gifts (all but the Sigma preparations) and analyzed similarly in specific immunoassays to determine the content of intact hCG and hCG-related molecules.
If, for example, the Roche Elecsys test, which gives exaggerated hyperglycosylated hCG results, were used with the Organon Pregnyl hCG (7% hyperglycosylated hCG), the calibration would be notably different from the calibration with the Sigma C6322 (CHO cell recombinant hCG).
Mandy was prescribed the hormone Metrodine and a booster drug called Pregnyl.
Pregnyl contains equal amounts of hCG and hCG[beta]cf, and the first hCG[beta]cf peak is explained by rapid excretion of hCG[beta]cf into urine [46].