affirmative action

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a policy designed to redress past discrimination against women and minority groups through measures to improve their economic and educational opportunities

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AONE survey: Gauging hospitals' use of preferential hiring policies for BSN-prepared nurses.
The article opens with the story of David Shipler, who was selected in the 1970s specifically to be the first Jerusalem bureau chief who was Jewishan odd twist on preferential hiring made odder by the fact that Shipler is not Jewish.
The program involves the preferential hiring of local nationals from communities around the installation.
Stewart is a most engaging writer whose own argument for preferential hiring of minorities is straightforward and persuasive.
The policy was further encouraged with the WHO barring smokers from employment since 2005, and also by the National Cancer Institute, which encourages the preferential hiring of non-smokers.
It was opened in October 1965 to serve the needs of the Castle Bromwich community who enjoy preferential hiring rates.
A good deal of the fervor regarding affirmative action derives from the issues regarding the legitimacy of preferential hiring and the notion of affirmative action.
For example, they cited an email from a math professor at the district's Phoenix College alleging preferential hiring of Hispanics.
But if you look a little closer, you find a disturbing trend of employers giving Latinos preferential hiring over African- Americans.
Critics, mostly religious conservatives, feared that the plan could lead to the adoption of pro-gay curriculum and even preferential hiring practices to boost the ranks of gay employees.
Editorial includes coverage of such specific topics as: racial considerations in admissions policies; prayer in public school; protection against unreasonable search and seizure; preferential hiring practices at religious schools; and, access to student records.
To offer just one example, in the summer of 1996, the conservative federal judge Richard Posner upheld the preferential hiring of a black prison guard in an Illinois boot camp for young offenders.
Many federal agencies are the to provide preferential hiring status to ex-military applicants.
Priority status has been assigned to issues such as preferential hiring of Asbury Park residents, workforce and entrepreneurial development, and mortgage financing.
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