affirmative action

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a policy designed to redress past discrimination against women and minority groups through measures to improve their economic and educational opportunities

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In practice, of course, many young white male graduates do find academic employment despite preferential hiring programs, but this actually indicates the relative ineffectiveness of the programs.
Given the problems that go into deciding the validity of the "more-qualified-than-thou" concept, it becomes increasingly less clear as to how anyone can call the practice of preferential hiring "reverse discrimination.
Preferential hiring, inasmuch as it falls on particular individuals, namely, young males, is unjust.
She then draws attention to academic studies of the manner in which preferential hiring programs have stoked racial resentment, and she notes the tendency for federal programs to create "a 'client-compliance culture' that is much at odds with the possibilities for adult citizenship.
Although this decision was criticized as being contrary to the plain language of Title VII,(13) it formed the basis for the adoption, and judicial approval, of preferential hiring and promotional programs.
Again and again, the Challenge and Promise writers affirm that the Catholic university must create a majority, or at least a critical mass, of believers and give preferential hiring to Catholics or non-Catholics who are explicitly committed to promoting the university's Catholic identity.
It also wants to expand job security by negotiating improved early retirement programs, obtaining commitments from the auto companies to modernize UAW represented plants (to keep the plants competitive) to assure workers of jobs in the future, and improving preferential hiring and transfer rights.
Letters have been sent to these employees inviting them to return and another letter has been sent to the remaining employees advising them they have been placed on preferential hiring lists.
Gamma is holding up final settlement of the labor dispute by insisting that replacement workers stay in the plant while union members are placed on a preferential hiring list to be recalled only if job vacancies occur.
Expansion of the preferential hiring provision to permit laid-off workers to apply for jobs for up to 3 years at all of GE'S domestic plants (previously, they could apply for jobs for up to I year within 250 miles of their former job).
Another feature was new preferential hiring and other job security provisions intended to aid workers affected by plant closings.
Other provisions in the contract offer included: - A commitment to add Boeing 747s to the World Airways fleet - Qualified furlough protection for 90 percent of current pilots for the duration of the contract - Preferential hiring at other World Air Holdings subsidiaries - The addition of training pay - Doubling guaranteed days off to 12 per month, coupled with a new volunteer system for additional flying - Doubling basic life insurance - Continued profit sharing - Increasing the company contribution to retirement plans
It includes provisions for preferential hiring of furloughed employees where vacancies occur, protocols on seniority integration to ensure a fair and equitable integration of seniority, agreement on terms of the final labor agreement at the merged and integrated carrier, which will be in effect through Dec.
We negotiated generous severance provisions, and hope to offset all job losses through early retirement and preferential hiring at other locations," Hargrove added.
Combined with other voluntary termination incentives and potential preferential hiring at other Ford locations, the union's goal is to ensure that no CAW member in Windsor will be on involuntary lay-off by the end of the agreement in September 2008.
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