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Synonyms for preference

Synonyms for preference

the act of choosing

favorable or preferential bias

a liking for something

Synonyms for preference

a strong liking

a predisposition in favor of something

the right or chance to choose

grant of favor or advantage to one over another (especially to a country or countries in matters of international trade, such as levying duties)

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Trade creditors often dread getting a demand to repay a preference claim or being named as a defendant in a preference action.
We illustrate the impact and importance of preferences by the following example.
These two forms of the DELES are similar in structure, yet the items vary slightly in order to investigate students' learning environment preferences early in a class (Preferred form) and their perceptions during a class (Actual form).
If we are truly looking for positive solutions to our current dilemma, some disciplined study of Mission-Shaped Church just may help us develop a vision for Congregations that are shaped by mission rather than by personal preference.
Given the stark portrait of a university system seemingly uninterested in the ideal of social mobility, Bowen's suggestion that selective universities assign low-income students a preference in admissions akin to a legacy boost seems rather modest.
04) on the Newcastle Schools' Admissions Forum's recommendation that Newcastle Council change from a so-called first preference first system for admission to schools to an equal preference system.
The critique of behavioral economics undermines the use of preferences in a psychological explanation of behavior.
But the real reason, voting theorists say, is that the plurality vote distorted the preferences of the voters.
There are important individual differences among learners both in motivation to do homework in general and in specific preferences about when, where, how, and with whom they prefer to do it (Hong & Milgram, 2000).
Prescreening of the universe of potentially relevant career alternatives, based on the individual's preferences, to locate a small and thus manageable set of promising alternatives that deserve further exploration
In broad terms Arrow's impossibility theorem states that social welfare functions that aggregate the preferences of several individuals into a single social preference must be dictatorial if the aggregation process satisfies a few `regularity' conditions (transitivity, the Pareto principle and independence of irrelevant alternatives).
The Cooks' mission to end race-based quotas in public higher education soon became Connerly's and thrust him into the national spotlight - first as the dismantler of racial preferences at the University of California, then as the campaign chairman of the California Civil Rights Initiative, and now as chairman of the American Civil Rights Institute and American Civil Rights Coalition, organizations he founded to export California's colorblind constitutional clause to other states.
In a much-awaited ruling, the European Union's high court Tuesday upheld the principle of giving hiring and promotional preferences to women as a valid way of correcting earlier discrimination.
A mathematical system called fuzzy logic probably provides a current model of how the human mind reaches conclusions, determines preferences, and generates feelings and feelings statements about the result.