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a chief officer or chief magistrate

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Modelo prefectorial y RIG's bajo control presidencial (1982-1994)
Elazar, "is Federalism Compatible with Prefectorial Administration," Publius: The Journal of Federalism 11 (Spring 1981): 22; see also Stephen L.
It is a contradiction, then, that Orthodox women, as members of this society, can be equal members of a municipal, prefectorial or governmental council, whereas in the various activities of their parish or diocese they must implement plans that were decided by male members.
On the one hand, many leaders in other countries always admired France's prefectorial structure and envied the power it gave the state to initiate projects in the regions, as well as the stability it provided in times of unrest and the safeguards it offered against local corruption.
From then on gas service became a municipal and prefectorial service and less contested than in the past.
The day commenced with a special assembly by the prefectorial body of the school.
The Investiture Ceremony for Prefectorial Board and Student Council Members of Birla Public School for the academic year 2017-18 were sworn in by Principal A K Shrivastava, Principal, in the presence of the management, invited guests, senior school leadership and parents in a grand and solemn function held in the auditorium of the school recently.
The DPS-Modern Indian School has conducted its senior school investiture ceremony to induct 11th and 12th grades students into the prefectorial body of 2012-2013.
The Prefectorial Council of the senior section of the Indian School held an induction ceremony at its Jashanmal Auditorium, Isa Town.