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Synonyms for predation

an act of plundering and pillaging and marauding

the act of preying by a predator who kills and eats the prey

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This description seems more appropriate for the results considering the predator and prey sizes.
Average speeds of predator and prey populations before and after a one-round simulation.
Second, most predators prey on several prey species, which, in turn, have more than one predator, yet the models presented here deal with single predator and prey populations.
All of the models analyzed here are systems of ordinary differential equations describing predator and prey population dynamics, with population densities P and N, respectively.
Although cost-benefit analyses have attempted, with some success, to match predictions of naticid foraging with empirical data for given size classes of predator and prey (e.
Trophic structure of many predator and prey species always depicts some mathematical proportionality especially in their abundance ratios.
This variation indicates the need for detailed investigation of the biology of the predator and prey as a basis for any reliable predictive modeling.
Using this function and the data on predator and prey sizes presented in the current study, it is possible to calculate the size range of prey items that the chaetognaths in this study could have been consuming.
Predation is a dynamic process, the outcome of which depends on the relative sizes of the predator and prey, their physiological state, attack strategy and inherent aggressiveness (Walker et al.
Changes in drilling techniques through the eons may have stimulated a biological arms race between predator and prey, she adds.
The equilibrium predator and prey numbers for this model are
2007), because seawater temperature varies with location (especially depth) and time, and because temperature has significant effects on metabolism, behavior, and growth in both predator and prey species.
The interaction is dynamic in its intricacies and malleable from the perspective of both predator and prey.
And while discussion is made of some carnivores serving a role of both predator and prey (e.
For the past 35 years, biologists have tracked the island's moose and wolves to study the influence of predator and prey populations on each other.