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any of the less common and valuable metals often used to make coins or jewelry

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Being destitute of the precious metals, at that time the leading objects of American enterprise, they were long neglected by the parent country.
Marmaduke questioned the miner very closely as to his reasons for believing in the existence of the precious metals near that particular spot; but the fellow maintained an obstinate mystery in his answers.
But the house, without losing its former aspect, had been changed into a palace of the precious metals.
No sooner said than done; but all his joy was turned to grief when he found that his neighbour had two rooms full of the precious metal.
In the meantime he would carry as much of the precious metal to the summit of the kopje as he could.
In one room were seven pillars of solid gold, and in another the floor itself was of the precious metal.
The dull precious metal seemed to flash with a reflection of her bright and ardent spirit.
He also wore armlets, and cinctures above the ankles, of the latter precious metal.
He had bracelets of gold upon his arms, and a broad collar of the same precious metal around his neck.
From whence came this precious metal, which represented an enormous sum?
The face of the entire cliff was, as later inspection conclusively proved, so shot with veins and patches of solid gold as to quite present the appearance of a solid wall of that precious metal except where it was broken by outcroppings of ruby, emerald, and diamond boulders--a faint and alluring indication of the vast and unguessable riches which lay deeply buried behind the magnificent surface.
In place of the usual deer-skin belt, he wore around his body a tarnished silken sash of the most gaudy colours; the buck-horn haft of his knife was profusely decorated with plates of silver; the marten's fur of his cap was of a fineness and shadowing that a queen might covet; the buttons of his rude and soiled blanket-coat were of the glittering coinage of Mexico; the stock of his rifle was of beautiful mahogany, riveted and banded with the same precious metal, and the trinkets of no less than three worthless watches dangled from different parts of his person.
In the Galu Du-seen and his warriors I saw something of the explanation of the term "golden race" which is applied to them, for their ornaments and weapons were either wholly of beaten gold or heavily decorated with the precious metal.