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abnormal development (of organs or cells) or an abnormal structure resulting from such growth

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technology allows an accurate diagnosis of cancerous and precancerous cells, based on unique combination of color and morphology.
Unwanted tissue growth in normal and precancerous cells, which may lead to genetic defects and ultimately cause cancer.
The disease starts as a small, harmless-appearing red or white spot in the mouth, which contains still-harmless but precancerous cells.
This changed with the advent of the oral brush biopsy, a painless test that I use in my office to know which oral spots can be safely left alone and which ones contain precancerous cells that need to be removed before they can cause any harm.
In the end I was told I needed a hysterectomy in 2008 following a negative smear test which showed I had precancerous cells.
The guideline recommends removal of precancerous cells in patients with confirmed high-grade Barrett's esophagus utilizing endoscopic eradication therapy, such as radiofrequency ablation (RFA) technology as delivered by the BARRX HALO Ablation System.
Cancer specialists recommend that all people with Barrett's undergo periodic exams to find and remove precancerous cells in the esophagus.
Specifically, the nuclei of precancerous cells are larger than typical ceil nuclei, and the light scatters back from them in a characteristic manner.
Laura, 24, went under the surgeon's knife in November after a smear test detected precancerous cells.
But last May a scan found precancerous cells in her other breast - and she lost that one too.
The NHS screens women for signs of precancerous cells in a bid to prevent the development of cervical cancer.
The mum-of-two was diagnosed with precancerous cells following a routine smear test in August 2007, just two years after her older sister Wendy had beaten cervical cancer.
Nutrition, genetics, and other unknown factors determine whether the slow progression from precancerous cells to cancerous cells occurs.
Q MY daughter's smear results came back with abnormal precancerous cells and she is going to have to have more treatment.
The Pap test is regarded as a safe, reliable screening method for detecting cancerous and precancerous cells in the cervix.