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Synonyms for wire

Synonyms for wire

ligament made of metal and used to fasten things or make cages or fences etc

the finishing line on a racetrack

a message transmitted by telegraph

provide with electrical circuits

send cables, wires, or telegrams

fasten with wire

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string on a wire

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equip for use with electricity


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It is critical for the mass adoption of electric vehicles to have companies like KB Home leading the industry by offering this pre-wire option, as the majority of electric vehicle charging will be done at home overnight," said Matt Mattila, Project Manager for Project Get Ready.
SNI Previews Their Solar Synapse(TM) Pre-Wire Kit, A Cost Effective Renewable Energy Solution for Builders, at Ameren Workshop
PK) offers builders their Solar Synapse(TM) Pre-Wire Kit for Renewable Energy in New Home Construction.
NEC), a leading provider of innovative communications products, solutions and services, is proud to announce the opening of a new pre-wire optical facility in Herndon, Virginia.