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a treeless grassy plain

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It is not easy to do justice to the exulting feelings of the worthy captain at finding himself at the head of a stout band of hunters, trappers, and woodmen; fairly launched on the broad prairies, with his face to the boundless West.
They found the prairies saturated with the heavy cold rains, prevalent in certain seasons of the year in this part of the country, the wagon wheels sank deep in the mire, the horses were often to the fetlock, and both steed and rider were completely jaded by the evening of the 12th, when they reached the Kansas River; a fine stream about three hundred yards wide, entering the Missouri from the south.
The belts of woodland that traverse the lower prairies and border the rivers are peopled by innumerable swarms of wild bees, which make their hives in hollow trees and fill them with honey tolled from the rich flowers of the prairies.
Be all this as it may: the course of our party of bee hunters is to make a wide circuit through the woody river bottoms, and the patches of forest on the prairies, marking, as they go out, every tree in which they have detected a hive.
Drop him in the midst of a prairie, or in the heart of the mountains, and he is never at a loss.
1802 the small-pox, that dreadful pestilence, which swept over the land like a fire over the prairie, made its appearance in the village of the Omahas.
Across Illinois, 29 pioneer cemeteries contain remnants of native prairies.
The prairies and plateaus of western North America are their natural habitat.
com/animals/mammals/prairie-dog/) rabbit-sized rodents that live in North America's prairies, live in underground burrows.
As the prairies fell to the plow and grazing, unfortunately, so did several species of game.
Pocket prairies have been popping up all over Houston as part of an initiative to beautify the city while preserving the native plants that thrived in Harris County before it became a sprawling, concrete landscape.
These hill prairies have been the focus of several studies, including Kilburn and Ford (1963) who studied the flora of Twin Mounds hill prairie, McClain (1983) who documented the loss of hill prairie at five locations in Pere Marquette State Park, and McClain and Anderson (1990) who studied woody invasion on Twin Mounds hill prairie.
Prairies were mostly extirpated from the landscape in less than a century with the settlement of Europeans.
For example, 81% of the area of historic dry prairie has been converted to other uses (Bridges, 2004a), and Florida's dry prairies have been classified as a globally imperiled community type (Abrahamson and Hartnett, 1990; Perkins and Vickery, 2007).
The twenty-five poets are representative of a younger generation of writers who are from this Canadian region, and this collection can be read as a report on the state of the poetic art on the prairies.