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any of several rodents of North American prairies living in large complex burrows having a barking cry

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Fleas at the site carried sylvatic plague, a disease that was killing the ferrets and their prairie-dog prey.
Despite this rifle's skinny 16" barrel, it's prairie-dog accurate with handloads featuring 40- and 50-grain Nosler Ballistic Tips and Ramshot TAC.
These calls are the easiest form of prairie-dog communication to study because scientists can see what triggers the alarm.
But the prairie-dog study shows that, at certain times of the year, healthy adult males can be at risk, too.
In interviews with 20 of 22 exposed persons, 6 (32%) reported recent prairie-dog bites, 7 (37%) ate or drank without handwashing after contact with prairie dogs, and 13 (67%) handled prairie dogs or cleaned cages barehanded.
For a more macabre look at this sport, see also Thomas McIntyre, Little Dogs on the Prairie; Techniques and Equipment for Prairie-Dog Shooting, SPOUTS AFIELD, Apr.
Langer); Stew, the marginally smarter one, sets to work trying to solve the park's prairie-dog problem.
Mike McNutt, 6-foot-6-inch specialist in information services -- "At my height, I can't help but prairie-dog.
A single prairie-dog town in Texas housed an estimated 400 million residents.
With a maze of underground tunnels spread out over dozens of acres, prairie-dog towns are a focal point of prairie life.