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(philosophy) the doctrine that practical consequences are the criteria of knowledge and meaning and value

the attribute of accepting the facts of life and favoring practicality and literal truth


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Afterwards a Welsh Government source confirmed that Mr Davis was seen as a pragmatist, in contrast to Theresa May and some other Ministers.
Other challenges, meanwhile, will require futurists and pragmatists to join forces.
Because of these blinders, pragmatists can't understand nonpragmatists: "It is not unfair to say that the pragmatic liberal has taken the world of personality, the world of values, feelings, emotions, wishes, purposes, for granted.
But Preludes to Pragmatism will appeal even to pragmatists with little interest in the specific problems it discusses because it demonstrates something important about the state of pragmatism.
Because pragmatism is not trying to reach a final truth that is believed to objectively exist outside of human experience (James, 1907), pragmatists strive for ends-in-view that are flexible and socially formed and that lead to further fruitful activity.
Where a pragmatist may be willing to accept change based on a single step toward vision realization, the conservative--because of their more skeptical nature--will require multiple steps to the vision to accept that the move to the future state is real and provides tangible value.
THE battle between the creationists and the pragmatists relative to the veracity of the Bible is intriguing.
The book's seven chapters are organized around five case studies that detail the rhetorical sensibilities of influential pragmatists.
Pragmatists have no theoretical beliefs or convictions, as Mr Armer clearly admits.
In the mainstream, which includes the Late Majority and Laggards, decisions are dominated by pragmatists and conservatives.
Chelsea are the arch pragmatists of the Premiership while Liverpool are out of form and struggling - the absence of Fernando Torres won't help either.
The competition is party a reflection of the political infighting between fundamentalists, conservative pragmatists and reformists, which has intensified since Ahmadi-Nejad's landslide victory in the 2005 presidential elections.
The rivalry between the supremacists and conservative pragmatists in Iran took a serious turn during the presidential elections on June 24, 2005, which were won by IRGC-backed Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad.
He then explains the differences that emerged after Khomeini's death among conservative hard-liners, pragmatists and reformers within the governing clerical elite.