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(philosophy) the doctrine that practical consequences are the criteria of knowledge and meaning and value

the attribute of accepting the facts of life and favoring practicality and literal truth


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To turn one's back on the past is, in Ford's novel, as in the pragmatist tradition more generally, to open oneself to the possibility of a different and better future--a future free of ideas of fixed or eternal truth, a future which can be created through acts of the imagination but also, crucially, through words.
The pragmatist tradition argues that this is the best way to think of justice claims.
So also is his thorough exposition of the American culture of experience in the pragmatist tradition of James, Dewey and Rorty exhaustive and insightful.
Although Putnam has been associated with a variety of schools of thought, in this book he is most aligned with John Dewey and the Pragmatist tradition.
Emirbayer's own innovative reworking of the pragmatist tradition and network theory have helped re-invigorate discussions of the intersection of culture and action in North American sociology, and he brings a keen theoretical eye to this demonstration of the significance of Durkheimian sociology for a range of debates on the cutting edge of contemporary sociological theory about the nature and character of modernity.
9) The important thing is that the Confucian thinkers see tradition and culture as something dynamic, a view shared by Neville, a contemporary thinker from the American pragmatist tradition.